A board have been appointed by the Swedish Energy Agency, having responsibility for the research program. The board, consisting of a chairman, the Swedish Energy Agency representative and representatives from industry and enterprises together with representatives from research institutes with the assistance of a secretariat provide administrative and economical decisions within the program. It is the board that decides which projects that will be granted support within the program.

Chairman of the board, program director
Martin Forsén, Svenska Värmepumpföreningen
Program secretary
Program coordinator
Björn Palm, KTH Energiteknik
Permanent board members
Signhild Gehlin, Energi- och Miljötekniska Föreningen
Kjell Berndtsson, Riksbyggen
Bengt Hanell, Elforsk AB
Per Jonasson, Kyl & Värmepumpföretagen
Per-Erik Jansson, ICA Sverige AB
Jim Fredin, IVT
Roland Jonsson, HSB
Conny Ryytty, Energimyndigheten
Alternate members
Emina Pasic, Energimyndigheten
Co-opted board members
Monica Axell, Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut
Björn Palm, KTH Energiteknik
Peter Rohlin, Incert AB
Jörgen Rogstam, Energi & Kylanalys AB
Eric Granryd

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