Brief overview

EFFSYS+ is the continuation of the earlier research programs “Alternativa köldmedier”, “Klimat 21″, “eff-sys” and “Effsys2″ that were first started back in 1994. These research programs have been very successful and have brought Sweden to the front of international research in the area of refrigeration and heat pumps.

The strong international position Swedish research institutes have today in the area of refrigeration and heat pump technologies shall be maintained and the research in Sweden shall continue to develop in cooperation with the industry. This is a step in the switch towards a more sustainable and resource efficient society.

Energy efficient, user-friendly and sustainable technology shall be developed and resource efficient solutions shall be detected. The vision of EFFSYS+ is to contribute to the development of Swedish industry into an international front position within the area of refrigeration and heat pump technologies. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology shall be developed and user-friendly and resource efficient applications shall be detected.

Complete description can be accessed through the link below (Swedish only).
EFFSYS+ description (http://www NULL.effsysplus NULL.se/public_html/wp-content/filesystem/documents/effsys+_programbeskrivning NULL.pdf)

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